Christian Siriano celebrates leaving us all something to dream about! The Curated NYC just opened in NYC!

Christian Siriano, who exploded into the public consciousness at age 22, is now at the pinnacle of the design world celebrating his landmark 10th Year Anniversary earlier this year with a private VIP party at the hot new Moxy Hotel in NYC. The celebrity packed fest following the show was packed with luminaries including Whoopi Goldberg, Laverne Cox, Molly Shannon, Meg Ryan and more. The amazing success of his recent book, Dresses to Dream About, a collaboration with his husband, noted photographer Brad Walsh, reveals his design process start to finish, taking the reader from simple sketches through his most private studio practices and amazing designs.

This master craftsman artistically creates sumptuous couture designs weaving fantasy, old Hollywood glamour and the desire to dress women of all shapes, sizes and social status in his work. It has put him at the top of every woman’s fashion wish list worldwide, movie stars and homemakers alike. After studying in his younger years with the likes of Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood, his collections have now added him to the rarified list of top designers past and present. No matter what age or body type, he will dress you.

Christian Siriano: The Curated Photo Credit: The Curated Instagram

Not many designers can say they have dressed the likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Kate Hudson and more! Siriano dressed Whoopi Goldberg for the Tony Awards in 2008, and she came out to celebrate his 10th Anniversary in style, wearing his latest pink shoes launched with Payless Shoes. Goldberg is among the other fan followers who praise him for being an ‘all size’ inclusive designer in his runway casting. Each show he also adds some celebrities to walk on his runway and this year Selma Blair walked in a stunning sultry skin-tight cat suit and fur for his anniversary catwalk.

Christian's new store "The Curated" just opened  in New York with much anticipation and excitement! Find more at (

Christian sat down for a rare intimate interview discussing art + fashion influences, desires and dreams:

Q: Art and fashion have had a relationship for many generations, what or who have influenced you over the years?

CS: I'm inspired by Art every day. There are so many new young artists I love and whom have inspired even some of my collections. I get inspired by photographs, paintings, architecture, interiors, furniture and really they are all art in their own way.

Q: Are you a collector of contemporary or modern artwork?

CS: My husband and I are lovers of Art. We are lucky enough to live in New York where art is so accessible. I think our first painting purchase years ago was a Botero. But mostly we love new young artists that we find when we travel or who are local. Right now I love Ewa Budka, Kelly Beeman and so many others.

Q : Your book Dresses to Dream About, can you speak to how long it took you to execute the book, process for the book and what one thing you wish for the reader to remember?

CS: It took about a year or so to come together. It was hard to choose what pieces I wanted to showcase and the timing was hard because I wanted to add so much more. I was lucky enough to work with my husband Brad Walsh who photographed the entire book so beautifully. I was able to control a bit more how it looked and I think it's beautiful. I really wanted to highlight my work over the last 10 years and really show people what goes into making clothes from sketch to finished piece. I think that's the magic of fashion, the transformation is exciting to see. I hope when everyone opens the book up they fall into a dream like world and escape for a few minutes while reading. I'm just proud of this book. It is something I dreamed of having as a little boy. All the dresses inside really have a special meaning and story to tell and I hope people enjoy they.

Q: Your inclusivity and breaking barriers in the fashion world has been a great creative force in making change, can you speak to your message on championing diversity?

CS: I think we need to empower women who are buying our clothes. They should be able to shop no matter what size, color, where they came from who cares. If they love a dress we should offer it to them. Getting dressed should be the fun and exciting part of the day not the hard part. So I'm trying to prove that it can be done because I'm doing it and will continue to do it and hope others follow along.

Q; As a fashion leader what future direction do you see fashion heading?

CS: It's hard to say where fashion is going.  I know it's becoming more diverse than ever and I hope it's returning back to the days of glamour and experimentation. That's what I love!

The lovely Christian Siriano welcomes everyone with a warm smile and charm that is like no other! Thank you Christian for your spirit and creative inspiration!