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Vanity Fair | Meet Anton Yelchin Photographer by Kenize Bryant: 2017

Vancelette told Vanity Fair the day after the show’s opening night that the process of selecting photos felt slightly transgressive and intimate. “It was like looking through someone’s diary,” she said. “It was like looking through someone's evaluation of how their life was. Not to know the person and not be able to ask him what his thoughts are or what he would want is a complicated task as a curator.”

“You want to make sure that the family, the friends, and everyone who knew him in life felt like it was to the level of what they would want him to have,” she added.

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Vanity Fair

Observer | Japanese Exhibition "Reflections" by Dan Durray

Rachel Vancelette, the director who curated the show, is passionate about the project. In fact, she left the US in April 2010 to organize it, after the tsunami and earthquakes that paralyzed the country fueled fears of nuclear fallout.

“Personally, it was a privilege to lend support during these difficult times.” She wrote in an email to The Observer. “It was a reflective moment for the world. I found the younger generation of painters were expressing an inner personal dialogue fused with their overall view of Japanese society.”

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Il Sole 24 Ore | Collezioni-investimento globali by Irina Zucca Alessandrelli

In global collecting, exhibiting work becomes important as well as buying in a single investment strategy that focuses on visibility and awareness, explains Vancelette.

How do you orient yourself to choose the right piece of an artist?

There are many variations in the choice: the most important thing is to know the artist and discuss the work with them, and very often there is a close relationship of friendship that develops over time.

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Il Sole24Ore | The Financial Paper of Italy

ARTNEWS | Yvon Lambert Takes Giant Lot 61 Space in Chelsea | 2007

The 5,500-square-foot space, which is to be designed by Richard Gluckman, is slated to open in March 2007, according to Rachel Vancelette, senior director of Lambert’s current New York space at 564 W. 25th St.

Vancelette says the gallery began looking for a new space last September, with plans to expand its program in New York. Lambert, who celebrates his 40 Anniversary as a dealer this year, and whose sizable private collection of contemporary art is on view in a private museum in Avignon, France, opened his present New York space three years ago.

According to Vancelette, Lambert has not yet decided whether he will retain that space after opening the new one. Vancelette says Gluckman’s design plans for the new, column-free space include adding even more skylights to already numerous ones that exist, evoking Lambert’s light-filled gallery at 108, Rue Vieille du Temple in Paris, the ceiling of which is made almost entirely of glass.

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Mario Testino "At Home" 2007

Mario Testino, best known as a fashion photographer, is also a respected art collector, art collaborator and tastemaker. 

"At Home" showcased the talents of artists such as John Stezaker, Glenn Ligon, Anne Collier, Wolfgang Tillmans, Nicola Tyson, and Anselm Reyle, as chosen by someone with a unique understanding of imagery, in collaboration with Yvon Lambert and lead by Rachel Vancelette Senior Director and YL team, the special installation by Mario Testino focused not merely on art as something to look at, but how we look at it—and, moreover, how we live with it. It is an examination, both playful and serious, of paintings as decoration, as well as works of art, valued for their form and color as much as their content and authorship. Testino transformed the gallery into his ideal showcase: not a blank space where a painting becomes a fetishized object away from the context of everyday life, but a drawing room in which each painting has to survive and flourish as part of a rich community, allowing us to examine how works of art inform each other and their surroundings as well as ourselves.

Mario Testino | "At Home" 2007

Memory Maker by Sara Roffino | Art + Auction

Curator Rachel Vancelette explains that “Juan’s conceptual work in monumental spaces communicates his transformational processes in a unique and profound way. Both in public and private spheres, he consistently reminds his international audiences of current and ancient architectural memories.”

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Art + Auction Magazine

ARTNET: Late ‘Star Trek’ Actor Anton Yelchin Had a Secret Passion for Photography. Now See His Work for the First Time.

Yelchin’s photography “evokes a wide range of emotions throughout the exhibition,” said Vancelette.  “As a curator, you only hope that the vision you have for hanging the work speaks to the artist intentions and provides an insight into his process itself.”

Vancelette said stories about individual works from the artist’s family and friends continue to unfold, “which creates an amazing oral history.” Fifty-three photos were selected for the show.  


Real People: Anton Yelchin’s “Provocative Beauty” Exhibition by Valerie McPhail

Vancelette speaks on behalf of those who knew the artist that lived with “generosity of spirit, and took time with people.” His portraiture work reveals a connection to those who may be naturally overlooked or mistaken.

A Shaded View on Fashion

Larry Poons' Race for Decades! Sundance Film Festival’s The Price of Everything + Color

Interview of artist Larry Poon's by Rachel Vancelette at Vogue Italia. 

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